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Mala Beads are the traditional prayer beads used by people during meditation and mindful thinking. They’re mostly used during meditation (jap); Mala Beads are called Jbeautifula Beads. They are being used since ancient times. With the names mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and even Christianity, the religious importance of Mala Beads crosses every

Timeline. Mala means garland in Sanskrit. It symbolizes the essence of oneself in the part of life.

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Mala Beads are of different varieties. You can get Japamala with Rudrakshya, Japamala with Bodhi seeds, including mala beads made with acai seeds. The most popular Nepal Mala Beads Products are hand-knottedJapa mala, yoga meditation beads necklace, and Tibetan prayer beads.

Buy 100% premium, high-quality and best mala beads products. The sandalwood mala beads and the Tibetan beads are some of the best mala beads products in the present. And where to get all of these best mala beads products? Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd is always there for you. Never miss the joy of embodying peace with life with the beautiful mala beads products that wow your appearance and spirituality.

Meditation has been an integral part of life. It makes us spiritually connected and together. Mala Beads are important if you meditate at any point in your life. The powerful and culturally rich beads are the monument of culture and spirit together.

Some FAQs regarding Nepal Mala Beads Products

How to make a mala bead? | Can we make our mala beads at home?

Most people have a question regarding if they can make a mala bead by themselves or not. Well, the answer is pretty obvious. You can make a mala bead by stringing the beads into one another and making a long mala. But, it is not quite good if you make it by yourself. Professionals are professional for a reason.

Stinging the best quality beads without losing the originality is hard to master, and not everyone can. The DIY methods can help you with the making of mala beads. But, it’s usually not long-lasting. So, choosing the best mala beads has to be an important task.

How to choose the best Mala bead?

With the online shops rising every day, it has been hard to choose the best mala bead that would last for a long time. Choosing a mala bead requires good expertise with your intent. For instance, Clear Quartz is your stone if you want clarity in your life. Also, if you want balance and strength, your stones are Jasper and Lava, respectively. Wearing mala beads for fashion purposes is not a bad thing. However, you should respect its origin story.