Nepal Wooden handicraft Product Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Nepal is popular globally as the country that doesn’t believe in tall buildings but rather believes in artistic temples and buildings. The high quality of the wooden designs is seen in Nepal’s temples, palaces, houses, and other buildings. The city of temples, Kathmandu, has everything to showcase you with amazing wooden products. From the 1960s, the Nepal Wooden Handicraft Products have been popular in foreign lands. With the popularity of wooden handicrafts going on a high, you can see many wooden frames of windows and doors, mirror frames, and wooden wall hanging breathing life into the Nepal Wooden Handicraft Industry.

Being a perfect element of home decor embodying culture and art together, Wood Handicraft Design has been a phenomenon. Currently, handicraft wooden gift items and wooden items for the kitchen are the popular Nepal Wooden Handicrafts. We offer the best wooden miniature temples, animals, wooden boxes, and wooden god’s figures. Along with these, you get to choose a variety of wooden frames, mirror frames, wooden temple-like statues, and many more. We are the leading wooden handicraft suppliers who have been providing the best handicraft products and wooden carving items in wholesale and retail price.

Buy the best handicraft wooden gift items for your loved ones and let the wooden handicraft design breathe life into your home decor. The variety of wooden carving products you get to buy from Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd includes:

  • Wooden Painted Box
  • Wooden Carving Wall Bell
  • Wooden Carving Temple
  • Wooden Carving Photo Frame
  • Wooden Carving Window/Jhyal
  • Wooden Decorative Mask