Nepal Incense Product - Tibetan Incense Sticks

Incense sticks always blow life to every praying and religious activity. Popularly known as ‘Agarbatti,’ the incense sticks release aromatic gases when burnt. It makes the whole environment nicely fragranced. The burning of incense sticks has been practiced in India, Nepal, and Tibet for a very long time. Incense sticks in Nepal are popular and are like the most important things in any great religious activity. The toiling of bells combined with the burning of incense sticks is an environment you don’t want to miss out on. It gives a different fragrance and vibe to the environment. Tibetan Incense Sticks and Nepal Incense Sticks are immensely popular incense sticks, with each special feature.

The popularity of incense sticks has been on a high. It is because of its amazing magic of smell and other benefits. The benefits of incense sticks are many. Let’s discuss some of them here.

  • The magical smell of burnt incense sticks makes the whole environment peaceful and pure.
  • Tibetan Incense Sticks increase your calmness and focus on doing anything.
  • Some incense sticks help to focus in yoga practice and reduce stress.
  • What smells great is what captures our senses. Just like that, Incense Sticks purify our space and give the pleasure of enjoying a lovely scent.

For instance, visiting Swoyambhunath in the evening getting allured by the awesome smell of the incense sticks embodied with the toiling of bells makes the overall experience extremely pure and immaculate at its very best. Incense sticks are herbal wood powder, bamboo sticks, and fragrance material. With high-quality wood powder and fragrance material, a better version of incense stick gets made. You get a variety of incense sticks to choose from. Buddhist Incense Sticks, Nepal Incense Sticks, Flora Incense Sticks, and Traditional Incense Sticks, the choice is immaculate. Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd is always there for you to provide the best quality incense sticks.

Fun Fact: Tibetan Incense Sticks are made up of sandalwood, clove, saffron, and hibiscus as the main ingredients. And the smell that comes during the burning is what we live to smell for.

Flora Incense Sticks are made up of floral materials and other ingredients. Every incense stick has its unique fragrance. We have been providing customers with the best quality incense sticks made up of the best ingredients worldwide. The quality and the composition of the incense sticks are magnificent. The sense of Nepal’s organic fragrance never goes away. Still not ready to purify your place with the 100% mindblowing incense sticks that breathe life into your home?