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Nepal is famous in the world for high-quality authentic Pashmina. Also known as “soft gold” in Persian, Pashmina is the most delicate and fluffy fiber you will ever come across with. The material used in making Pashmina is the wool collected from Chyangra- a mountain goat. It is also a reason; Pashmina is also called Chyangra Pashmina by the masses. Having a beautiful, soft and bright texture, Pashmina Shawls and Pashmina Sweaters are the most trending Pashmina Products in Nepal. The warm, light and gorgeous Pashmina shawls bring out the best version of you, especially in the winter season. See, a great Pashmina shawl can be the best attire you can carry. The souvenir of a fashionista boosted by the bright colors of the shawl can be an amusing choice. The perfect fashion accessory for every event at any time of the year is a Pashmina Shawl.

Buy the best Nepal Cashmere Pashmina and Pashmina Sweaters from Nepal. You can order the Nepal Pashmina Shawl Wholesale from us with good deals and bigger design choices. We at Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd. offer special authentic Nepal Pashimina Products from Pashmina shawls, scarfs, to sweaters. Let the Pashmina cashmere products breathe a new life into your wardrobe and fashion.

The warm and colored Pashmina designs make them one of the most popular things to buy for your friends and family as a gift. You make your way out to the street with a Pashmina shawl vibing your personality to its very best.