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We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter Pvt. Ltd. We are highly experienced and renowned Felt and Woolen Handicraft Manufacturer and Exporter Company, based on Kathmandu Nepal. Our objective is to promote Nepalese Handicraft all around the world market and support to marginalized women in Nepal. Our producer are from remote part of Nepal. Most of the ladies have low economic condition, single women (mother) and especially socially isolated women. We focused to upgrade their living standard and try to make their strong economy so they can provide good meal and good education to their children.

Felt is a textile material produced by condensing and pressing fibers together. Felt Products are some of the best Nepal Handicraft Products. Felt products in Nepal are felt sheets, wool felts, bulk feet rolls, and buffalo felt products. Other Nepal Felt Products include craft supplies, felt cat caves, and home decor from felt and yarn. Nepal is famous for providing some of the best quality felt products globally. So, where to get the best-felt products that too at a reasonable price? Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd is the best name out there who deals with a variety of felt products in Nepal and n abroad. The felt industry in Nepal is blooming every single day to the fullest. With the advancement in technology and high demand for felt products, Nepal has taken charge of its hand to make it even grander. The Felt Ball Handicraft Nepal has been one of the trending words worldwide.

About Felt and Nepal Felt Products

Felt is a textile material that is the product of the condensation and pressing of the fibers simultaneously. It comes in different colors and sizes which can be easily modified to make incredible toys, rugs, shoes, cat caves, animal heads, and many more. Nepal Felt Products showcase the growing felt industry in Nepal that has also uplifted the economic status of the socially isolated women and economically weak people who don’t have any other jobs to support their livelihood apart from making felt products. So, if you buy a felt product by any means, a small portion of that will help a family in need too.

Felt Factory and Trending Felt Nepal Products

Felt Products are one of the most beautiful Nepal Handmade products. With the handicraft business doing so well in Nepal, the felt business being a part of the handicraft industry has also grown exponentially. About the felt factory in Nepal, the factory has been producing handmade felt balls, felt ball rugs, felt ball shoes, felt cat caves, felt animal heads, felt purses, and felt toys. Felt toys and felt animal heads are Nepalese felt products that are popular among children in Nepal along with international countries. The felted wool products are some of the trending Nepal Handmade products that can be the perfect choice for a gift or a home decor item.

Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter Pvt. Ltd has taken the command of showcasing the rich handicraft talent of Nepal to the world via the incredible design and the mindset behind the products. The magnificent talent never disappoints anybody. The felt product in Nepal is the best handicraft sorcery you will ever see.

We at Nepal Handicraft Exporter have been making felted wool products in Nepal and exporting them internationally. The talented handicraft of Nepal has gotten its place on the global stage.

Buying Nepal Felt Products may be a great thing to experience. However, you need to choose a place where you are guaranteed that you will get high-quality products that are backed by amazing handicraft talent. Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd has always been pushing the talent to try even better and bring out the magnificent pieces in the handicraft industry with a primary focus on the felt products in Nepal. We also do wholesale and retail selling of the products. Felt Products are loved by children as well as their parents.

Felt Products Uses as Gift, Decor, and Pet Houses

Following are some of the best uses of the Felt Products and you can’t deny that they bring a great vibe to your atmosphere.

The best use of Nepal Felt Products is that the felt products like felt animal heads and felt ball rugs can be a magnificent addition in the decoration of the room and the whole house, in general. The felt ball rug and the felt ball mats give an authentic aura to your living room or bedroom. So, next time you want to decorate your house with a touch of Nepalese handicraft talent, the felt ball products should be your choice.

If you are a cat lover, then you can give your cat a perfect gift or say a house. The felt cat cave is an amazing felt product that can be the best home your cat will ever get. It is a handy home for your cat which you can also carry and take from one place to another without any difficulty. You can also gift many felt products to your children as gifts. The felt animal product comes in varieties of different animals like giraffe, dog, lion, elephant, and zebra. Every product is amazing in its handicraft design and color choices. So, your children will love the product and you cannot just look anywhere else than see your children being so happy because of the product you have given as gifts.

The felt products brought by us are 100% eco-friendly so that whenever you purchase an item you are ensured that you are not harming the environment by any means. That’s your responsible part towards the environment. Along with this, with every purchase of the felt products or handicraft products you are also applauding the magnificent talent of all the women who work hard day and night to bring out the best handicraft designs to the world.

Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Nepalese Handicraft Products with Nepalese Felt Products Wholesale, Online, and also internationally. It doesn’t matter where in the world are you, you can just order the product and can get it in a matter of days or weeks. We ensure that you get the desired product like what you see in the pictures and on the internet. Being one of the most popular Nepal Felt Product Suppliers, we are always in the motive of impressing our customers with great quality products so that the bond between customer and seller never fades away.

Nepal Felt Products Varieties

Whenever someone mentions a felt product, all you think about is the small mats made up of wool. But, that’s not all. There are abundant varieties of popular felt prodcuts currently. Following are the choices of felt products you get to buy in Nepal.

  • Handmade Felt Balls
  • Felt Ball Rugs
  • Felt Hats
  • Felt Cat Caves
  • Felt Ball Shoes
  • Felt Animal Head
  • Handmade Felt Ball Birdhouse
  • Nepal Felt Purse
  • Felt Toys

With every felt product being handmade, the real authenticity of the felt product never goes away. You can feel the softness with the sense of Nepal’s rich handmade talent in its store. Nepal Felt Products results from the incredible talent and technology that work hand in hand. Most of the people who work on the felt products are low-income displaced workers and females. A felt product you buy from us is a small help to the talented hands of a female urban dweller.

Felt Products Perfect for Home Decor

The most popular Nepal Felt Products are Felt Animal Heads and Felt Ball Rugs. The Felt Animal Heads is the best innovation in the felt industry. You get to see the design of an animal head made from felt wool with rich colors. It is also popular among children. Perfect for home decor, Felt Products of Nepal are becoming popular every day. Felt Ball Rugs are the perfect decors for your living room. The colorful felt ball rug on the living room floor makes it o authentic and trendy.

Felt Products for your pets and children

Pets are like your family members, and you want to give your pet the best place to grow up. Felt Cat Caves can be the best warm sleeping space for your cats. Not to mention, Felt Ball Birdhouse is an extremely great felt invention.

Felt Toys are the favorite things to gift to your children. Bringing out the smile on your children’s faces with a felt dog product is a good thing to have. The 100% eco-friendly handmade felt toys can also be a good choice to decorate your rooms. The felt toys are in animal shapes such as giraffe, dog, dinosaur, elephant, cat, lion, zebra, and many more. Know about your child’s favorite animal and bring his smile like never before.

Felt Purses are another good felt transition. With most people switching from leather wallets to felt wallets, it has been seen that felt purses are becoming trendy in a fashionista’s outfit.

Nepal Felt Products are some famous Nepal handicraft products inside and outside the country. Nepal Handicraft Exporter P. Ltd is a leading handicraft manufacturer and exporter of handicraft products to the UK, USA, Australia, and many other countries. The products are 100% eco-friendly and are the products of handmade talents combined with modern technology.