Nepal Thangka Painting: Authentic Nepali & Tibetan Thangka Art

Thanka Paintings are Tibetan Buddhist paintings on silk or cotton cloth. It depicts a Buddhist deity, mandala or a religious scene. One of the most important things in Buddhist ceremonies, Thankas, holds the spiritual importance of gaining merit in death rituals and meditation. Also popularly known as the Thangka Paintings, it is pretty interesting. It is believed that Thangka Paintings origin comes from India to Tibet while being influenced by the art form of Nepal in the process. Econometric is like estimating an object’s size using an icon meter. It helped give a perfect size of Buddhist deity on the cloth.

Having four types of Thangka, including Embroidered Thangka, Applique Thangka, Lacquered Thangka, and Precious Bead Thangka, the essence of Thangka Paintings has crossed every boundary. Thangkas are like a rewind to the 10th century. Thanka Painting is mostly associated with the Buddhists, and by no means does it not respect other religions or something like that. You also get to see Kaal Bhairab Thanka Paintings along with other Hindu deities. Nepal Thanka Products include Om Mandala Thanka Paintings, Hand Painted Tara- the Mother Goddess, Mahakal Bhairav Thangka, Shakyamuni Buddha Thanka, and many more. TheThanka Paintings in Nepal are unique and hold rich Nepalese culture. Buddha, being born in Nepal and the pioneer of Buddhism, Buddha Thanka Paintings are like the ode to the legendary status Buddha has presented.

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