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Thanka Paintings are Tibetan Buddhist paintings on silk or cotton cloth. It depicts a Buddhist deity, mandala or a religious scene. One of the most important things in Buddhist ceremonies, Thankas, holds the spiritual importance of gaining merit in death rituals and meditation. Also popularly known as the Thangka Paintings, it is pretty interesting. It is believed that Thangka Paintings origin comes from India to Tibet while being influenced by the art form of Nepal in the process. Econometric is like estimating an object’s size using an icon meter. It helped give a perfect size of Buddhist deity on the cloth.

Having four types of Thangka, including Embroidered Thangka, Applique Thangka, Lacquered Thangka, and Precious Bead Thangka, the essence of Thangka Paintings has crossed every boundary. Thangkas are like a rewind to the 10th century. Thanka Painting is mostly associated with the Buddhists, and by no means does it not respect other religions or something like that. You also get to see Kaal Bhairab Thanka Paintings along with other Hindu deities. Nepal Thanka Products include Om Mandala Thanka Paintings, Hand Painted Tara- the Mother Goddess, Mahakal Bhairav Thangka, Shakyamuni Buddha Thanka, and many more. TheThanka Paintings in Nepal are unique and hold rich Nepalese culture. Buddha, being born in Nepal and the pioneer of Buddhism, Buddha Thanka Paintings are like the ode to the legendary status Buddha has presented.

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When it comes down to reliving modern and historical art, Thangka Paintings are always the best examples. The Tibetan Buddhist paintings on silk or cotton cloth portray a deity, religious scene, or mandala figures. It is believed that having a Thangka painting in your home brings positivity and good luck to the family. Being influenced by the Nepalese art form, Thangka Painting origin is believed to have been from India to Tibet.

Popular Nepal Thangka Paintings in different sizes

Some Buddha Thangka Paintings that have been popular and trending in the masses are:

White Tara, Sakyamuni, Green Tara, Guru Padhma, Medicine Buddha, and Kurkulla. In addition to this, the popular Mandala Thangka Paintings include Kalachakra Mandala, Compassion Mantra Mandala, Mantra Mandala, and Star Mandala Thangka Painting which come in different colors and designs.

You can find all the designs of Thangka Paintings online and for sale and can choose your desired design and size. The popular Thangka Painting sizes are 30x50 cm, 21x21 cm, 100x100cm, and 70x100 cm. You can choose your ideal size of the Thangka Paintings along with the design.

Where to buy Nepal Thangka Paintings?

Buddhist Thangka Paintings are some of the best Thangka Products which are sold and the Thangka Painting Price is around US$ 100 - US$ 200 (cheapest) and it goes to US$ 1000 (most expensive). Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter Pvt. Ltd has been selling amazing Nepal Handicraft Products for a very long time. The quality of the cloth used in the painting and the incredible talent of the handicraftmen makes it even better and amazing. Also about the Thangka Paintings for sale, you can order all the paintings online and can get your paintings delivered to your place no matter where you are.

Why Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd for buying Thangka Paintings in Nepal?

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About the Thangka Paintings, the materials we use are 100% durable and of the finest quality. So, even after many years, the paint doesn’t fade away. So, if you are spending a lot of your hard-earned money to buy Thangka Paintings, make sure you got a fine return on investment. And, we guarantee to provide you 100% authentic and qualitative handicraft products along with the Thangka Paintings, which are the most sold handicraft products by us.

Thangka Painting Materials and Tools

As Thangka Paintings are the wonderful scripture on a piece of cloth representing a deity, scene, or mandala. Most people wonder what materials are used while producing quality Thangka Paintings from scratch. Following are the materials and tools used for Thangka Painting so that you get a wonderful Thangka Painting that has so many words to say.

  • Cotton and Silk Cloth
  • Distemper
  • Gum
  • Cold Gold
  • Cotton Thread
  • Metal or Wooden Frame
  • Paint Brush
  • Finishing Brush

Only with tools and materials, an incredible Thangka painting doesn’t get its final design and touch, it is the work of the incredible talents of the handicraftmen who work day and night to give the best artistic paintings that can be souvenir of true art.

Nepal Thangka Painting Types and Prices

Talking about the Thangka Painting price, it actually depends on the size and the intricate detailing of the art in the cloth. It also depends on the accessories that are stuck on the cloth after the art. With four popular kinds of Thangka- Embroidered, Lacquered, Applique, and Precious Bead Thangka, the art of Thangka paintings also known as Tangka paintings crosses every border and is in the heart of many people who appreciate true art and know its importance.

Thangka Painting Uses | How can you use Thangka Paintings?

Not only for religious and cultural purposes, but Nepal Thangka Paintings also have so many uses. People from different backgrounds buy Thangka paintings and use them for various purposes. However, most of the purposes revolve around the cultural and traditional part. There are other important aspects of the Thangka Paintings too.

  • The most important uses of Thangka Paintings include:
  • Means of gaining merit
  • Used in death rituals
  • A most important element of Buddhist rituals and ceremonies
  • An instrumental part in meditation
  • Used in home decor
  • Thangka Paintings can be given as gifts or tokens of love to special people in your life.

Thangka Paintings in Nepal are some of the most sold handicraft products now. The Nepalese art mixed with the Tibetan art has been well and truly loved by the people from Nepal as well as from other countries. Thangka Paintings come at the cost of US$ 100- US$ 1000. Mostly, Buddhism followers kind of get connected with the meaning of the paintings and buy those paintings for various purposes including meditation, rituals, and other sacred deeds. Getting a Thangka Painting is a great choice for your home too. It brings a positive vibe to the place where you are staying.

All in all, Nepal Thangka Paintings are the wonderful result of the talented hands of the artisans who give their 100% in providing the best quality products. You will drop your jaws in awe of how cool all the products are. So, next time you want to gift somebody anything, make sure you gift him/her a nice Nepal Handicraft Product coming from the land of Himalayas with warm love.