Nepal Singing bowls Handmade For Healing Best Wholesale price

Nepal Singing Bowls are the spiritual and ethnic instruments that produce a “hum” sound when hit with a mallet. When struck by a mallet, the continuous vibration from the rim produces the “hum” sound. Having its origin in Tibetan culture, the Nepal Singing Bowl comes in various sizes with different benefits. It is also popularly called as Tibetan Singing Bowl. Reducing Stress or Cleansing of Chakra or increasing blood flow in the body, the singing bowls have many good aspects. The singing bowls’ benefits and essence are crystal clear, mostly used in yoga classes, meditation, mental therapy, and other peaceful activities. You get different sizes of Singing Bowls with different patterns and designs. The choice of a mallet and cushion is also an important step to learning how to play the singing bowl. Many beginners love to learn how singing bowls work and play them. Practicing with patience and choosing the right mallet and bowl is the foremost step in learning how to play the singing bowls. You need to find a perfect place to buy the best singing bowls for you.

Buy the handmade Nepal Singing Bowl and Singing Bowl for beginners from us. We at Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd have provided the customers with 100% authentic Singing Bowls and still doing this. You get a variety of choices to choose from. The best product deserves the best customers, right? Get your piece of Tibetan singing bowl -a meditation sound bowl handcrafted in Nepal for healing and mindfulness. The singing Bowl is an incredible invention. It is a spiritually ethnic instrument that produces a humming sound whenever stricken with a mallet. Coming in a bowl-shaped form, the singing bowl is not only important for cultural and musical purposes. Singing Bowl is one of the most fascinating things that help in therapy, meditation, and healing.

With the world currently focusing on the race of becoming the first. People often forget that the biggest success is knowing yourself and what you are going to do. Amidst the burden of life taking a toll on you, you are mentally strained and life becomes so much tough. Many people seek therapy when they feel they are mentally weak and need consulting to have a normal approach to life. Singing Bowls are used in yoga classes, meditation, therapy, and other mentally peaceful activities. The healing sound coming out of the singing bowls is the ultimate shield to all the mental stress and problems that come your way. As most people are familiar with humans have different states. It is believed that singing bowls ease the transition from normal body to deep medieval states during meditation under Buddhism. It helps to synchronize the bowl sound frequencies which ultimately helps in achieving relaxation and maintaining proper focus. The handmade singing bowls are very important not only for cultural and ethnic purposes. They are also important for mental relaxation and the achievement of a spiritually awakening state. There are different uses of Singing Bowls so that people won’t feel mentally burnt out and stressed. Following are the top uses of Singing Bowls for meditation, therapy, and sound healing.

Stress Relief

Stress has been the most detrimental factor that kills happiness and peace. According to research, the singing bowls are the best way to be relaxed and cut down any anxiety that’s about to come or has already been affecting you. There are different sizes of singing bowls and you can use them according to your need. The handmade singing bowls are very effective to be stress-free and always focus on the good.

Sleep Improvement

Sleep is the best form of rest. If you work all day long, and can’t get proper sleep, then you will not feel that you are 100% and can’t focus on your work properly. Similarly, loss of sleep means you are shaky enough to be the home to many diseases. So, sound sleep is a must. But, most people can’t really sleep well because of stress and anxiety. As Singing Bowls when stricken with a mallet produces an amazing hum sound that helps in synchronizing your breath with the sound which ultimately helps you to sleep well.

Balancing Body

The vibrations of the singing bowls help in synchronization which in turn, helps to harmonize the cell processes and help to balance the body’s energy system. Also, if you have no stress and have enough sleep, your body's energy system is always balanced.

Immune System Simulation

Immune System is the body system that helps to fight against diseases. As singing bowls help to improve sleep and stress relief, people are not fragile enough which in turn helps to improve immunity. Not only this, the handmade singing bowls produce healthy changes in the brain waves ultimately assisting in stimulating the body’s immune system.

Improve Focus

The repeated hum sound coming from the singing bowl helps to synchronize your breath with the sound. The synchronization helps to focus properly on the particular therapy session. Ultimately, the singing bowls help to improve focus.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Mediation is the practice of slowing down racing thoughts and calming the mind and body. It is the state of being fully focused on something. Deep Breathing is one of the most effective ways to meditate. Singing Bowl and its calming sound helps to effectively synchronize deep breathing with the sound. It ultimately assists in meditating deeply. It also helps to improve immunity and lower the heart rate.

Singing Bowls are wonderful instruments that not only have cultural significance, but also meditational purposes. Many mental therapists use singing bowls to help their patients to do meditation effectively which also improves sleep, focus, and body balance. Next time, you are buying singing bowls, remember them for the good health aspects too.