Nepal Woolen Product | Handmade Woolen Clothing Nepal

The high quality of Nepal wool is reflected in many woolen products in Nepal. Nepal’s Woolen Products are the best clothing innovations from Pashmina wool to sheep wool. Popular to wear in winter, the woolen products are made up of pure wool, and it provides you a different touch of clothing genius.

Nepal Woolen Products include Nepal Woolen Ear Caps, Nepal Woolen Gloves and Hand warmer Mittens, Woolen Legwarmer, Socks and Ponchos. If you plan to gift your children, why not give them a woolen animal hat. Nepal Woolen Animal Hats are popular among children as they give a cartoon-like touch in the hat. The Hand warmer Mittens are designed with a finger cover. So, you can even touch your phone or tablet while still wearing the mittens.

We at Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd provide you with the best Nepal Woolen Products made with sheep wool. The innovation has reached its heights with a blend of local wool and imported wool. We offer Woolen Ear Caps, Woolen Gloves, Woolen Scarfs, Woolen Leg warmers and Nepali Woolen Jacket. You get the best-hand knitted sweaters and yak wool scarf along with Nepal wool Ladies’ Sweater.

You get a variety of colors to choose from. Bring out the best in your fashion persona with a woolen makeover that also warms you in the winter. The Nepal Woolen Products are 100% wool with long-lasting durability.