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9 Inch, 23 cm Full Moon Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls therapy is famous for bringing physical and spiritual relaxation, creating internal harmony, and inspiring wellness within. Tibetan handmade singing bowl is very famous in Asian region because of its quick effect in healing sides. It facilitates spiritual initiation and has monumental merits to your well-being. It also helps in creating sacred music for different ceremonial occasions in India, Nepal and China. It is famous with Buddhist people.

The singing Bowl have been examined and found its potential benefits in different fields of its purpose. These are handmade craft designed with the assistance of copper, since very long history of time. These singing bowls are beneficial to everyone in Stress relief, Improving sleep, Lowering Blood pressure, Reducing depression, Stimulating immune system, Pain relief and most importantly balancing and harmonizing the body.

These very beneficial purpose and very unique design handmade copper (Singing Bowl) are prominent to the world and likely its practices enhance meditation and deep breathing practices which maximizes stress minimizing practice. Grab one of them to be very happy being with no stress in your life.

Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter Pvt. Ltd is providing different kind of Tibetan handmade singing bowls as a good price on wholesale. Tibetan singing bowls (Made in Nepal) are available in various size and quality and we offer different size and design as per our valuable client’s demand.

Products - Includes

1 Singing Bowl

2 Cotton Ring/Pillow Cushion

3 Leather Striker/Stick/Mallet

4 Handmade Lokta Paper Box

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