Product Description

Antique Thado Singing Bowl

The word antique defines the old creation. Antique singing bowl is created with metals that are melted into furnace and poured with the shape of Bowl to prepare metal mold. Then, the molds are rolled and turned into ring metal sheets of size and thickness then beaten softly to produce exact mesmerizing 16.5 cm Plain Bowl with the weight of 680 grams.

The design is available with Striker, Cushion and Handmade box.


  • Made with an alloy of different metals
  • Made In Nepal
  • Hand carved and painted
  • Supports Local Artisans


  • Avoid banging or strike bowl heatedly
  • Avoid using any chemicals
  • Only water and a soft cloth
  • Do not allow water to sit in bowl after use to prevent water stains

Products - Includes

1 Singing Bowl

2 Cotton Ring/Pillow Cushion

3 Leather Striker/Stick/Mallet

4 Handmade Lokta Paper Box

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