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Buddha Thanka Painting

Every paintings and arts are handmade and design with our skill local co-workers. Our artists are in these fame since a long time back. Their effort and skill knowledge has define our Nepal Handicraft product into different level.Shakyamuni Buddha was in the Shakya race through skilled means and kindness; destroying the army of Mara who was unable to be defeated by others; with a body radiant like mountain of gold. King of Calmness and kindness, King of Shakya.

Lord Buddha never told as a lord or god. People were carried out by his deeds which made them believe to follow his path. He was a simple human, just like the rest of us, who was able to create an uncommon discernment around presence. This recognition made a difference him to freed his intellect of the things that cause us all a level of enduring; longing for, scorn, and fancy. This, in turn, made a difference him to accomplish levels of genuine peace and satisfaction – and stay free from the persistent of conscious creatures.

It is available in the size if 30*40cm

Weight 40 gram

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