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Rose Quartz Plus black Oneyx

Gems and jewellery are famous with your beauty and success. Nepal Handicraft Product has variety of gems stone, jewellary and likely other beautiful product to mesmerize your beautiful body.

Most of the individual wear jewellary or birthstone as per their Horoscope.

January            Garnet                                                    Constancy and Fidelity
February           Amethyst                                                Assure Peace of Mind
March               Aquamarine                                            Courage
April                 Diamond/Zircon                                       Innocence
May                 Emerald, Jade                                          Success in love
June                Alexandrite, Pearl                                     Long Life and Health
July                 Ruby, Star Ruby                                        Cure of evil
August            Peridot, Onyx                                            Conjugal Fidelity
September     Sapphire, Black Star, Tourmaline               Cures Folly
October          Opal, Moonstone, Tourmaline                    Hope
November       Topaz, Coral                                              Friendship and help
December       Lapis Lazuli Turquoise                              Prosperity

We serve variety of design and sizes as per your preferences. Hope you would like spark your life with beauty

We would like work in your design too. We would gladly accept for wholesale trade too.

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