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Shining Plain Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl are known for stress booster. It is produced like of other bowl but it has to be manufactured in Full moon day with all traditional process that were manufactured in ancient days. It is done to capture the power or energy of the moon in the bowl making them absolutely more spiritually powerful.

The traditional methods of stress relief have always been known for top featured healer without any side effects. The Handmade itching singing bowl is mesmerizingly an awesome trendsetting piece of art in our store. It is highly demandable and preferred due to its outstanding looks and carved design.

Handmade Itching Singing bowl are mostly used for healing purpose, therapy, relaxation and gifting someone for curing and caring the lovely craft properties.

It is available in the size of 24cm and weight of 1660 grams.


  • Made with an alloy of different metals
  • Made In Nepal
  • Machine made
  • Hand carved and painted
  • Supports Local Artisans


  • Avoid banging or strike bowl heatedly
  • Avoid using any chemicals
  • Only water and a soft cloth
  • Do not allow water to sit in bowl after use to prevent water stains

Products - Includes

1 Singing Bowl

2 Cotton Ring/Pillow Cushion

3 Leather Striker/Stick/Mallet

4 Handmade Lokta Paper Box

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