Nepal Hemp Product

Hemp is plant-like cannabis, making clothes, bags, cosmetics, ropes, and detergent oils. Despite the hemp production in Nepal being limited, the uses of hemp have surpassed every boundary. Out of the many uses of hemp, the Hemp Fabric industry in Nepal is quite popular. Hemp is being used in Nepal for a long time to manufacture bags, backpacks, side bags, clothes and ropes. Nepal Hemp Products are one of the best Nepal Handicraft Products. The best hemp products are made from pure hemp yarns produced in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The popular hemp products include hemp bags, hemp laptop bags, hemp side bags, hemp hats, hemp belts, hemp slippers, and accessories.

Nepal Handicraft Product Exporter P. Ltd manufactures and exports different best quality hemp products. We constantly export the best quality hemp products to international countries like England, the United States, Australia, Canada, and other European countries. We deal with the best eco-friendly hemp wear that is both formal and casual. The quality level of our hemp products is unmatched and way too classic. Our best and most popular hemp products include hemp laptop bags and side bags. Hemp Crossbody Bags and Mini Hemp Backpacks are the best-selling Nepali hemp products in the international market. In addition to this, Nepal Hemp Hat has been one of the top-pick for Hemp Products.

We are always trying our best to manufacture popular handicraft hemp products to give the customers 100% satisfaction. Our medium of service is both online and offline. You can find the best Nepal Hemp Products online.

The best things about Nepali Hemp Products include:

  • Hemp Fibers allow your skin to breathe as they are porous and breathable.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Durability- Hemp Fiber is like the plant’s most durable fiber.
  • Best Quality


Hemp Industry in Nepal is in a progressive phase. We, the Nepal Handicraft Exporter P. Ltd, are constantly working hard to develop the hemp industry in Nepal and promote the use of Hemp Products. It will directly help the farmers and hemp industry sell domestically grown hemp. All in all, it will help to boost the nation’s economy, and many people will know about the awesomeness of Hemp Products.

Hemp Clothing is an incredible clothing line whose main component is plant-like cannabis popularly known as Hemp. Hemp is used to make some of the best handicraft products like ropes, hemp bags, detergent oils, and cosmetics. Hemp Bags Nepal are some of the world’s most popular hemp products to be supplied. So, where to buy all the hemp products in Nepal?

Nepal’s Leading Hemp Clothing Manufacturers

Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd has been in the Nepal Handicraft Industry for a very long time. Dealing with the manufacturing, collection, and the selling of handicraft products with hemp products being a great choice of customers. One of the leading Nepal Hemp Clothing Manufacturers, you get to choose from a variety of hemp products from Himalayan Hemp Bags,Hemp Clothes, and Hemp Cross-shoulder bags. A perfect choice for a casual hippie look, Hemp Products can be the best fashion booster for your outfit. Nothing beats the rustic charm of the hemp bag on you with accessories.

What hemp products bring to your life?

The porous and breathable hemp fibers allow your skin to breathe exponentially. You can wear hemp shirts and kurthas with hemp shorts, and still slay the fashion game. The comfortable hemp clothing doesn’t only give you a fashionable edge but also gives you the freedom to move and do your work easily. Being the #1 choice for the international tourists, you get to see many tourists coming to Nepal wearing the hemp shirts walking around Thamel and Swayambu. Yes, that’s the craze of Hemp Clothing in Nepal right now. Nothing can take away the love for hemp clothing along with other hemp accessories.

With the progress of Hemp Industry in Nepal at the moment, Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd is destined to cement its place as Nepal Hemp House bringing you Hemp Backpacks, Hemp Cross-shoulder Bags, Hemp Kurthas, Hemp Shorts, and Hemp Shirts. Trust me, once you start loving the comfort of hemp clothes, there is no going back. The durable hemp fiber is the perfect investment for you.

Different Hemp Products in Nepal Online

Buy Hemp Products in Nepal for reasonable price at Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd. There is a variety of Hemp Products for you to choose from, and get the best one from the bunch so that the next time you carry a hemp bag, everyone will ask you where you got that from. Some of the popular hemp products in Nepal include:

  • Hemp Backpack (which comes in various colors and designs)
  • Hemp Money Belts
  • Small Hemp Bags ( Popular in UK )
  • Hemp Om Bags and Hemp Eye Bags (Perfect choice for people who are deep rooted in religion)
  • Hemp Guitar Bags
  • Hemp Shoulder Bags
  • Hemp Wallets
  • Hemp Shoes
  • Hemp Round Hats

Some of the trending choices of hemp items include hemp shoes for men and women and hemp wallets for men. You get to ask for a design in the hemp wallet of your own choice. The customization is possible with no extra charges. Also, the hemp bags are some of the popular hemp items to get in Nepal. The hemp bags price ranges from US$ 8- US $ 15 depending on the size and the design in the bags.

You can completely change your outfit look by rocking a hemp round hat with hemp shorts, hemp shirts, and hemp shoes. The hempy look of yours can easily make someone drop their jaws in awe. So, next time you want to get a hemp product for anything, Nepal Handicraft Exporter Pvt. Ltd is there at your service. The 100% durable and quality hemp products can also be a great choice for gifting somebody. You can either come to the store or buy the products online. We deliver your purchase at your doorsteps.